Clutch With Hand Carved Elephants

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These clutches are have made in Rwanda.  Our customers were asking for a purse, handbag or clutch.  Customers also adored the little hand carved elephants.  So, we worked with our purchaser in Rwanda and came up with a design. 

Six to eight ladies who needed an income opportunity gathered over a couple of days to make these.  They attached the little elephants that are hand carved in Kenya. The people in Kenya who make the little elephants are teenage boys and girls who have made it as far as high school but have had to drop out because their families can not afford the fees. The teens get to work with a group, learn to carve the elephants and earn money to go back to school.  

This beautiful, quality clutch is handcrafted in Rwanda exclusively for Ubuntu Blessings. At 7" wide and just over 4" tall, this product is just right for holding your personal check book, cash, credit cards and identification. Elephants on the zipper pull and front of the clutch are hand carved in Kenya.

Your purchase provides hope for teenage boys in Kenya who have had to drop out of school because they cannot afford the fees. By carving these elephants they can earn the funds necessary to complete high school. In addition, you will be bringing an opportunity for women in Rwanda to meet their families' basic needs through skilled work and entrepreneurship.